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e.Typist Mobile for Android

e.Typist Mobile is an application that allows you to digitize paper information with your smart-phone. It optically recognizes printed documents, including newspaper, book, magazine, written material, etc., captured by your smart-phone camera and converts into editable text data. The reliable OCR engine being on board, that has long been used in our OCR application for PC over years, makes accurate OCR processing possible.

Moreover, text data as a recognized result can be converted into a PDF file with transparent text and transferred to the external cloud services※2 (online storage services), or used for various purposes such as a key-word for search engine, translation, mail forwarding, etc. Evernote, Dropbox and quanp (mail attached method) are the supported cloud services as forwarded destinations, and you can select a file type to be transferred from text, image, PDF and some others. This is an easy-to-use OCR application for printed documents for everyone that may be used whenever necessary on the go.

※1: Recognizable languages are Japanese/English.  ※2: Required user-registration for each of the cloud services and installation of the application prior to use such services.

Available highly-accurate OCR processing for Printed Documents

With a reliable OCR engine that has long been used in OCR application for PC over years, e.Typist Mobile provides a highly accurate OCR process.
Recognize Japanese/English languages. Automatically make a layout analysis of the documents captured by phone camera and extract only areas for OCR processing.
Within the extracted areas, you can sort or select areas to recognize, or change the recognition order.
Mixed writings in vertical and horizontal or outline characters can be recognized.

Correction of Image Distortion

In case the image captured by camera is distorted, it must be corrected manually before OCR processing. "e.Typist Mobile" has a function to correct image distortions, including rectangle distortion (image distortion due to vertical and horizontal inclinations), image direction, image inclination and trimming (cut off necessary part of the image only).

Recognized result can be transferred to external services

You can transfer OCR processed text data to external cloud services (online storages), such as Evernote, Dropbox, SugarSync (for iPhone only) or quanp (mail attachment method), with a file type selected from text, image, PDF, etc. You can choose a date of transfer or the characters in the first line within OCR processed characters as its file name, otherwise you may manually enter the name.

※You are required to accomplish user-registration for the cloud services you want to use and installation of the application prior to use of such services.

Recognized result can be used for various requirements.

You can extract a word automatically from recognized result to use as a keyword for search engine, transfer recognized result to clip board and paste it to different application for use, or attach recognized result to e-mail to send. Also recognized result can be used for Japanese/English translation using Microsoft's "Bing Translator".

Automatic detection of phone number/mail address/URL address, etc.

Automatically detect a phone number, an e-mail address, a URL address, etc. within the recognized result, then you can make a direct phone call using the detected phone number or transfer the detected address to e-mail or browsing software for address entry purpose.

Continuous camera shooting

e.Typist Mobile can save only images captured by camera into the album without immediate OCR processing, and proceed to OCR process afterward when you have spare time. If you save the captured images into the album, you can take a continuous camera shooting.

Temporary Saving

OCR processed results can be temporarily saved and read out afterward to correct characters, etc. Up to 100 images can be temporarily saved at a time.

Basic Specifications

Japanese Language Recognition
Supported Characters Kanji (JIS level-1 kanji set, level-2 420 Kanji characters), Hiragana, Katakana, Alphabet, Numeric, Symbol, etc., approx. 3700 characters in total
Supported Font Multiple Fonts including Mincho, Gothic, Kyokashotai, etc.
Image Size 2645*3277 pixel/max
Writing Format Vertical/Horizontal automatically recognized. Writings with mixed character sizes supported.
English Language Recognition
Supported Character Alphabet, Numeric, Symbol
Supported Font Multiple Fonts
Image Size 2645*3277 pixel/max
Writing Format Writings with mixed character sizes supported.

※Characters in black with white background recommended

Operating Environments(Requirements)

Supported OS Android OS 2.1 or later
Supported Model docomo
SO-01B Xperia(2.1)/SO-01C Xperia arc(2.3)/SC-02B GALAXY S(2.3)/SC-02C GALAXY SⅡ(2.3)/SC-01C GALAXY Tab(2.3)/SH-03C LYNX 3D(2.2)/T-01C REGZA Phone(2.2)/N-04C MEDIAS(2.2)/N-06C MEDIAS WP(2.3)

IS03(2.2)/REGZA Phone ISO4(2.2)/IS05(2.2)/SIRIUS α IS06(2.2)/INFOBAR A01(2.3)/AQUOS PHONE IS12SH(2.3)/Xperia acro IS11S(2.3)/G'zOne IS11CA(2.3)

HTC Desire X06HT Ⅱ(2.2)/HTC Desire HD 001HT(2.3)/GALAPAGOS 003sh(2.2)/DELL Streak 001DL

e mobile
HTC Aria

※The above models followed by OS version indicated in parentheses are guaranteed correct operation under the OS or later version.
Supported Language Japanese
Sheet Size A5/max (more than 5 mega-pixel requested)
Camera Resolution 3 mega-pixel or more (recommended more than 5 mega-pixel)
※The internet connection and an SD card having more than 23MB free space are required to use this application.
The internet connection will cause an additional charge due to packet communication.